We’d like to be your go-to shop for cattle feed and supplements through each season of production, together making your animals the best they can be.

Cattle Feed and Supplements

  • 225lb Purina® Protein Tubs
  • 225lb Purina® Mineral Tubs
  • 50lb bags of Loose Mineral
  • Fly Mineral Tubs
  • Loose Fly mineral
  • Bulk Cattle Feed
  • Bagged Cattle Feed
  • Show Blends
  • Purina® Accuration®
  • Loose Salt
  • Salt Blocks

Calf Feed

  • Purina® Ampli-Calf®
  • Milk
  • Custom Calf Mixes
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Custom Cattle Feed

We start with Purina® concentrates, add locally grown corn, and other ingredients to improve value. Concentrates include, but are not limited to Purina’s Accuration® line of self-fed products, Show 4-T-Fyer mixes, All Natural Protein, and more to cover all ages and classes of cattle. For pick-up or delivery. 500 lbs. minimum required for grind and mixing.

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