Support your flock with Purina® Poultry Products for all ages and classes. Feel like spoiling your hens? Try the Flock Block, a boredom buster treat! 

Flock Feed

  • Poultry Protein Concentrate
  • Scratch Grain
  • Flock Raiser
  • Flock Block
  • Layena® w/Omega
  • Layena® Crumbles
  • Layena® Free Range 
  • Organic Layer Crumbles
  • Start & Grow®
  • Feeding Limestone – Coarse

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Custom Chicken Feed

We start with Purina Accu-line® Chicken concentrate, add locally grown corn, and feeding limestone for the calcium your hens need to lay those wonderful fresh eggs with strong shells. Minimum order 500 lbs.

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